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WOTAN Version 11 Release (en)

NEW: WOTAN Auto Discovery

WOTAN 11 is all about automation and integration. The WOTAN AutoDiscovery module allows a high degree of automation of the monitoring configuration. Data is read from various sources and configuration adjustments are made immediately or optionally suggested to administrators for processing.

With WOTAN 11 Sources, you can not only configure new hosts and devices but also add checks automatically. The sources available are

  • Network scans,
  • Rest APIs,
  • database connections,
  • and monitoring data

Rules can be triggered on a time-controlled basis, e.g.: to search for new devices in a specific network segment on a daily basis.

Rules can be triggered by special events, e.g.:  to search for new test templates as soon as a host is updated or the host form is opened.

Rules can contain variables to be executed with different configurations, e.g.: to add certain check templates when a certain Windows service is running on the host.

The flexible plugin system allows not only a quick configuration of the provided sources and rules but also adding new, individual data sources and creating custom rules.

Do you want to automate your monitoring configuration? We are happy to support you.

Improvement: Host & Service Forms

The host and service forms have been completely redesigned and now offer a better overview of the most important settings. You can also switch between the host and its services at any time. All services are now visible in the host form. In addition, checks recommended for a host are displayed and can be added with one click.

Extension: Host templates preview

When using host templates, the new services can be executed and results can be checked before they are created.

Improvements: Downtimes Management

The Downtimes Management form has been redesigned to allow faster selection of hosts, services, hostgroups and servicegroups from different sites. When you set hosts and services in downtime that are defined in a business process, you can decide whether the checks of the business process should also be set in downtime.

Extension: Downtimes Dashboard Widget

The Downtimes widget now supports a grouping mode to get a quick overview of all current and future downtimes. Details about affected hosts, services, hostgroups and servicegroups can be displayed with a click. Multiple downtimes can also be deleted via groups.


  • Configuration: Selection fields for other WOTAN Config Items are now linked. The corresponding form can be opened directly by clicking or double-clicking
  • Service Check Command Parameter: Test parameters can be individually set on multiple services with different modes:
    • replacing
    • adding
    • removing
    • or searched and replaced using regular expressions
  • When calculating the business process status, confirmed hosts/services or hosts/services in downtime can be ignored
  • Predefined individual host/service attributes can be selected via selection box
  • Regular expression support for multiple selection boxes
  • XLS export in all host/service widgets
  • Search function for the Password Safe and the configuration log
  • Single sign-on with SAML

INFO: Checks & other changes

As always, you will find detailed information about all changes and all new checks on our download portal in Change log

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