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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) - Performance Analysis Technology

The interaction between companies and customers via digital channels plays a decisive role in business success. The digital customer experience (DCX) is a lottery ticket to ensure unrestricted customer satisfaction in the long term.

WOTAN Monitoring actively supports development and operations teams in monitoring the existing data ecosystem (technology stacks), identifying suboptimal processes and subsequently optimizing them. At the same time, it allows sharing important metrics of digital business areas in a straightforward way with steakholders.

WOTAN is guided by service excellence and assesses the digital customer experience in four dimensions:

  • Availability: accessibility and quality of IT service
  • Functionality: effectiveness and efficiency of individual system components (ERP/SAP; CRM, web app, desktop apps)
  • Speed: analysis of loading and waiting times of individual applications
  • Process linkage: evaluation of the relations between system and customer processes and their interdependence

How is Digital Customer Experience defined?

The term Digital Customer Experience, or DCX for short, builds on the definition of customer experience. The customer experience describes the impression, emotions and feelings of a customer interacting with a brand. This includes all interactions between customer, company, employees, services and products.

Improving the Digital Customer Experience means making any kind of digital interaction a customer has with a company as positive an experience as possible. By optimizing the digital customer journey, it is possible to ensure the long-term loyalty of a customer to a company and its products, which in turn leads to sustainable growth and ensures the economic success of the company.

What Digital Customer Experience Monitoring offers

Digital Experience Monitoring serves as a useful extension to the established Application Performance Monitoring. It displays all applications and services available to the customer via digital channels in real time, thus enabling precise analysis and continuous optimization of the digital customer experience. The entirety of the monitoring tools combines performance data, user behavior as well as synthetic monitoring and reliably identifies processes that need improvement. As a result, the responsible departments gain deep insights into the true user experience of their customers and obtain a detailed outside-in perspective.

Digital Experience Monitoring monitors all customer-business interactions at all levels simultaneously, whereas traditional APM applications require extensive setup and coordination among all components. All Digital Experience Monitoring measures add up to:

  • Lower churn rates
  • Reduction in service costs
  • Reduced support costs
  • Strengthening of brand equity
  • And a significant increase in customer confidence in the company

Beitragsfoto: Shutterstock, WOTAN Monitoring, GH-Informatik GmbH