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Role of IT infrastructure for climate goals

The IT infrastructure of companies is an underestimated factor in climate protection. According to the German government's targets, greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by 65 percent by 2030 compared with 1990 levels. Achieving these ambitious goals requires smart strategies. It will be important to exploit all potentials - from industrial manufacturing to mobility and building technology to energy supply. Read this article to find out what contribution the IT infrastructure in companies makes to this.

Contribution of digitization to climate targets

In order to achieve the climate targets, CO2 in the order of 372 million tons would have to be saved by 2030. According to a Bitkom study, faster digitization leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions to the tune of 41 percent. The speed of digital transformation will play a key role in determining whether we succeed in achieving the climate targets.

Fewer emissions and conservation of natural resources

If we accelerate the process of digitalization, we can increase the climate-friendly effects by around 50 percent. Scalable cost savings will take effect in the process. Digitization helps us avoid emissions and save valuable raw materials. In addition, this process helps to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy. Dynamic economic development expands the state's options for modernizing public infrastructure and financing measures for social cohesion.

IT governance integrates the organization of the IT infrastructure into the sustainability strategy

Many companies have firmly embedded the idea of sustainability in their philosophy and principles. When it comes to implementing climate-friendly measures, the IT infrastructure is of particular importance. IT governance refers to the management of information technology departments with their tasks and responsibilities. Governance develops a strategy for the sustainability of the company and aligns the organization of the IT infrastructure with this concept. The better the information technology structures are developed, the more opportunities there are to save natural resources.

Courage and determination required in politics and business

As a leading industrial nation, Germany bears a special responsibility for global environmental and climate protection. Courageous decisions at the political level and decisive action in corporate management are now required. Then good results will be achieved in a triangle of ecology, economy and social compatibility.


Beitragsfoto: Shutterstock, WOTAN Monitoring, GH-Informatik GmbH