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Windows Server Monitoring: Creating Reliable Systems

Windows Server Monitoring is the process of end-to-end monitoring of a Windows server for performance and operational statistics. Windows Server Monitoring helps monitor, manage, and automatically correct performance issues of Windows servers deployed on-premises, off-premises, or in a cloud data center. Monitoring provides insight into server clusters, automates provisioning and management of resources, functions and processes.

How is Windows Server Monitoring used?

Windows Server Monitoring is mainly used in controlling and managing operating system, application and service operations and processes. IT monitoring helps in ensuring the availability, integrity and reliability of a Windows server and its applications. Typically, Windows server monitoring is achieved through specially designed server monitoring software, operating system (Windows Server) customization and optimization, and manual server administration procedures and policies.

Servers are the Achilles' heel of IT monitoring. WOTAN Monitoring performs important checks for a number of operating systems. Hackers often try to delete event logs to hide their activities. On WOTAN Monitoring's dashboard, administrators often spot problems and bottlenecks before they occur.

What events does Windows Server Monitoring monitor?

Through Windows Server Monitoring, it is possible, for example, to detect events that indicate a change in the configuration of the Windows firewall. It is also worth activating the list of allowed applications in monitoring mode. This will log processes and scripts that are not normally run on a system. Another example is Windows Defender, the software is included by default in Windows Server 2016 and 2019. Events to look for are: scan failed, malware detected or signatures could not be updated. The following events should be monitored during IT monitoring:

  • Error messages from the server
  • Accessibility
  • Application software crashes
  • System or service errors
  • Windows update errors
  • Windows firewall
  • Clearing of event logs
  • Software and service installation
  • Hard disk capacity
  • Account usage
  • Corrupted files
  • Group policy errors
  • Security violation
  • Windows Defender activity
  • Mobile device activity
  • External media detection
  • Printing services
  • Remote desktop login detection

What are the benefits of Windows Server Monitoring?

The concept of Windows Server Monitoring is simple: this IT monitoring is the regular collection and analysis of data to ensure that servers are functioning optimally and performing their intended function. For example, the WOTAN Monitoring appliance monitors a server using a number of well-defined security checks. WOTAN Monitoring is an IT monitoring appliance that includes features such as alerting, reporting and documentation. Automatic documentation and reporting helps professionals in IT monitoring to make their daily work more relaxed.

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