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WOTAN Business Intelligence: from complex to simple

Business processes simply no longer function without the connection to IT-supported processes and the Internet. What is important for the future viability of companies on the one hand also harbors vulnerabilities on the other.

Transparency is not given and errors can occur, so that IT services do not work for external or internal customers. WOTAN Business Intelligence Monitoring is designed to support the main processes (purchasing, production, accounting, sales, warehousing and service) in such a way that, on the one hand, IT-based business processes are monitored with WOTAN and, on the other hand, relevant key figures are available for business analytics. In this context, WOTAN is to be understood as an integrated solution.

In the case of WOTAN Monitoring, BI refers to IT-based business processes, IT services, applications, hardware, software, devices, machines and their complex interrelationships, which must be connected and from which relevant data for business analytics must be obtained. Ultimately, business intelligence monitoring aims to achieve the company's goals by analyzing measurement data, identifying correlations and weak points, and making IT areas and business processes more efficient.

What is Business Intelligence Monitoring?

The importance of business intelligence systems is increasing not only in large companies, but also in medium-sized and smaller companies. Efficient data preparation and analysis as well as the resulting insights ensure business success. For SMEs, too, it is a matter of recognizing market developments as early as possible, for example, and being able to react to them. The volume of data is not only constantly increasing in the corporate environment. Relevant data from the IT infrastructure is an important basis for finding solutions to business problems of various origins. This is exactly the focus of Business Intelligence (BI). This is also where the strengths of WOTAN Monitoring lie. In addition to monitoring, relevant key performance indicators are displayed on a single interface, the WOTAN Dashboards. Central to this is the systematic, continuous collection, evaluation and presentation of data, which is made available via the WOTAN Dashboard or can be sent automatically in another form, for example as a PDF.

To be able to evaluate the available data is the task of the area managers or also of IT analysts, who are gaining in importance today. IT goals become business goals and vice versa, and the KPIs obtained provide valuable information for making business processes, as well as customer, partner and supplier relationships, more efficient, while at the same time increasing the satisfaction of these stakeholders. Risks can be minimized and costs optimized along the entire value chain, which primarily runs via digital channels.

WOTAN Business Intelligence Monitoring

In spring 2022, "Expression" was introduced as a new BI tool in the course of WOTAN Release 10. Various functions around reporting, business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics were added. Thus, WOTAN Monitoring is growing more and more into an integrated IT monitoring solution, which is not only used in the IT department.

With the Expression Editor in Business Intelligence Monitoring, it is now possible for the first time to define complex relationships and dependencies using expressions.

Process approach with WOTAN Monitoring

WOTAN Monitoring is not exclusively about monitoring sub-areas of IT separately from each other, but rather follows the process approach with WOTAN. On the one hand, individual WOTAN dashboards are available to IT areas, and on the other hand, those responsible can consult information from neighboring areas when unexplained errors occur. Access is possible via specific read rights and roles that allow access. If, for example, a server is not functioning, this can have an impact on different areas. If there are problems with the firewall, a user may not be able to access the website. These are two simple examples of many that require looking beyond your own area.

The goal of WOTAN Business Intelligence Monitoring is not only to ensure the availability of data and systems, but integrated IT monitoring makes it possible to keep IT transparent across departments and teams and to jointly find good solutions for the many challenges that arise in everyday business.

Foto: Shutterstock, WOTAN Monitoring, GH-Informatik GmbH