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WOTAN MONITORING finds problems before anyone takes notice, provides a realtime overview of your system and is easy to use.

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WOTAN MONITORING Alerting allows to configure even complex escalation processes within minutes.

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The WOTAN MONITORING Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports are proving the valuable work of your IT-Department.

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Lost in documentation? WOTAN MONITORING Documentation creates reports of your configuration and processes automatically.

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fast problem detection and a reliable escalation management in the case of incidents.


Wotan Version 7: Monitoring Dashboards and SAP Change Management Monitoring

With ITIL conform Dashboards your Business Processes become more structured and easy to understand. No changes pass unnoticed with our SAP Change Management Tests. Your system is always under control!


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  • Fast configuration
  • More than 600 available Check Templates
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Icinga®/Nagios® Integration
  • Web/Mobile GUI
  • Multiple-Site Support
  • High qualified Monitoring Support Team

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