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Increase SAP security and compliance with the WOTAN SAP Change Management Monitor

In this video we demonstrate how you increase your information security and compliance with the WOTAN SAP Change Management Monitor and Netwrix. The screencast at the end of the video shows the violation of the password directive published by the federal office for Information Security (shortly BSI). Furthermore it shows the reaction of WOTAN SAP Change Management Monitor and the integration into Netwrix IT Auditor.

Escalation Management in Wotan 6

In this video we describe the general use of WOTAN Escalation Management (Wotan Version 6 and higher). Escalation Management in WOTAN has been completely rewritten for easier usage and more complex requirements. An integrated contact catalog, holiday calendars and various calendar views making escalation management now much easier.

Watch the video to see how escalation management is done in WOTAN.

Wotan 6 Escalation Management Features

See new features of Wotan 6 Escalation Management.

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Wotan Monitor Configuration Editor

This video describes how you monitor even large IT-Infrastructures with our web-based Wotan Configuration Editor and our Template System. Furthermore, we show you that individual requirements and extensions are no problem for WOTAN MONITORING

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