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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Examples

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a process that enables the monitoring and optimisation of application performance. Application performance monitoring is necessary to ensure that applications are stable, reliable and fast. By monitoring performance, IT professionals can quickly identify and fix problems before they become major issues.

APM includes a set of tools and processes that help IT professionals monitor and manage application performance. APM solutions can help organisations record software application performance and identify and investigate problems during development and runtime. APM monitoring includes both the technical performance of the application and the performance perceived by users.

The website as an example of application performance monitoring

A practical example of APM is the monitoring of an e-commerce website. A web shop has many different components such as servers, databases, web applications and email systems that all interact with each other. If the website is slow or unstable, this can lead to a poor customer experience and affect the company's sales.

To avoid such problems, businesses can implement APM solutions, such as WOTAN Monitoring, to monitor website performance in real time and quickly identify and fix problems. By monitoring metrics such as server utilisation, page load times and abandonment rates, IT professionals can improve website performance and ensure it remains fast and reliable.

APM in the financial industry

Another example of APM is application monitoring in the financial industry. Banks and financial institutions use complex applications such as trading platforms that are used by many users at the same time. If the application is not functioning properly, this can have a significant impact on business operations.

By implementing the WOTAN APM solution, financial institutions can monitor the performance of their applications and quickly identify and fix problems. By monitoring metrics such as transaction times, latency and error rates, IT professionals can ensure that the application remains stable and reliable.

In summary, APM can help organisations optimise application performance and quickly identify and fix problems. APM solutions are widely used in various industries and applications and can help improve business efficiency and productivity.

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