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Which IT KPIs can be influenced by monitoring?

IT-KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators and are metrics used to measure and evaluate the performance of IT departments. They enable IT managers to monitor their performance with a few key figures and adjust their strategies accordingly. In the following, IT KPIs are explained in more detail and some examples of monitoring KPIs are given.

Which IT KPIs can be influenced by monitoring?

  • IT KPIs can be used in different areas of the IT department, such as cost, performance, innovation and value contribution.
  • Cost KPIs measure the IT department's costs to ensure they stay within budget. An example of a cost KPI is the IT budget compliance KPI. It measures whether the actual IT costs are in line with the planned budget.
  • Performance KPIs measure the quality of IT services and the fulfilment of service level agreements (SLAs). An example of a performance KPI is the first-level resolution KPI. It measures how many IT problems can be resolved on the user's first call.
  • Innovation KPIs measure progress in the introduction of new technologies and processes. An example of an innovation KPI is the Cloud Adoption KPI. It measures how many applications and data have been moved to the cloud.
  • Value contribution KPIs measure the contribution of the IT department to the success of the business. An example of a value contribution KPI is the IT-to-business alignment KPI. It measures how well the company's IT strategy aligns with business goals.
  • Another example of an IT KPI is the ability to implement IT projects within the planned budget. This KPI measures whether IT projects can be completed within the given budget. This KPI can help IT leaders to better plan and control their project budgets.

Overall, IT KPIs are an important part of IT controlling. They allow IT leaders to measure, evaluate and improve the performance of their department. Choosing the right IT KPIs depends on the specific goals of the IT department and the company.

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IT monitoring saves time

WOTAN KPI Dashboards are the central information platforms for system administrators, IT management and the service desk. They can be created individually according to the requirements of the respective area of responsibility. With IT monitoring, the monitoring of IT systems can be automated between 70% and 90%. The time saving potential is 2 hours of working time per day.

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