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WOTAN User Meeting 2022 at the Bergisel

A sunny day at Bergisel and a good mood among the IT monitoring experts: Thank you for your participation!



This year's WOTAN user meeting took place under the motto Service Management: "You only notice when it's missing! Reinhard Volz, guest speaker, trainer, consultant and FH lecturer of ITSM Partner Groups brought the topic of ITIL and ITSM closer to our customers. Furthermore, Philipp Ghirardini, Managing Director of WOTAN Monitoring / GH-Informatik GmbH, told about three monitoring best practice projects that were carried out in the course of an ITSM implementation. The day was dedicated to IT practice and ended with a guided tour of the Bergisel, show jumping and sitting on the trembling beam.

This year, a WOTAN user meeting took place in fantastic autumnal weather and with a breathtaking backdrop. The IT experts of the Tyrol region met to network, to exchange ideas and to support each other with ideas. One thing quickly came to light: the transformation of business processes from the analog to the digital world requires new tools and methods and standardized processes in order to be able to guarantee the smooth interaction of the three components process, people and technology. This promotes the efficiency of business processes and creates customer-oriented solutions.

Service Management: You only notice when it's missing

The team at ITSM Partner Consulting GmbH has been dedicated to the subject of service management for more than 30 years. The experts have been conducting training courses on ITIL for 20 years and can now be regarded as real pioneers in the field. Our guest speaker Reinhard Volz, trainer, consultant and FH lecturer, is also part of ITSM Partner Consulting GmbH. He gave the participants an impressive and exciting introduction to the topic of Service Management. Volz used comprehensible ITSM models and practical solutions to show how forward-looking work in IT works and that cross-departmental work with comprehensible processes and control loops ensures transparency and information security. Critical service management processes and practices related to IT monitoring and event management were covered. Furthermore, Volz showed how to successfully integrate IT monitoring measures with existing service management processes and tools. The question was also raised, "Is it enough to install tools or are processes required after all?" To all these questions, highly practical answers were found, which provided all participants with added value for IT practice.

Sitting on the trembling beam: a sign of confidence?

After a joint lunch at the Blue SKY Restaurant at the Bergisel with a breathtaking view of Innsbruck and the Nordkette, the second half of the day was used for discussions and joint activities. During a ski jumping event organized for the participants of the WOTAN user meeting, a youth trainer and a ski jumper talked about mental strength and technique, which are necessary for this sport, but also about history. Finally, the participants were allowed to sit on the "trembling beam" -  which, by the way, lives up to its name - and take the view of ski jumpers. But trust is also needed in a good partnership. Cohesion is particularly evident when things get shaky, when things start to falter, as they have in recent years with the changes of the times, for example. Especially now, the personal contact and exchange among each other is important, gives security and direction.

We from WOTAN Monitoring can only say thank you for your participation, for the great conversations and a valuable day together. We are already looking forward to the next user meeting in your area.

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