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Wotan Version 7: Monitoring Dashboards and SAP Change Management Monitoring

WOTAN Dashboards are presenting data in your way. Everything important at a glance.

Inspired by ITIL, WOTAN comes with a set of configured dashboards. Those templates make the monitoring of your business processes much easier, as well as giving you a better view on your system's status.

Working with SAP? The new Change Management Checks for SAP ensure that no system changes remain unnoticed.

Wotan Dashboards: Fast detection of IT-risks saves time and money

The new individual WOTAN Dashboards are created within seconds and can be assigned easily do different user groups. The used traffic light system embedded into the new dashboards indicates not only found IT-Risks and incidents but are also only shown to those persons that are interested in. Highly individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can now easily be presented to every user. Based on your requirements you can create as many Dashboards as you want.

You are monitoring hundreds or even thousands of devices and applications around the world?  The Wotan-Maps Widgets help you to maintain an overview even under those circumstances.

IT Monitoring for your Helpdesk?

The WOTAN MONITORING Dashboards do not only present incidents to your technicians, but can also be quite helpful for your Helpdesk team. Thanks to the comprehensive role system high-level and read-only dashboards can be created and deployed easily. Disturbing phone calls to your IT-Departments belong to the past and your IT engineers can concentrate on solving problems, instead of explaining them. 

Business Process modelling and the effects of IT breakdown - an overview

WOTAN MONITORING detects IT-Risks and incidents long before any user takes notice. Probably your IT department is already working on solving the problem. Presenting your IT in the context of the company's Business Processes provides a great overview of the most critical IT components. In this way IT incidents can easily be prioritized. Because if a problem is effecting an important business process, it should be solved immediately. This kind of company overview is a quite important part of Business Process Management and Change Management.

WOTAN MONITORING Dashboards based on international ITIL Standard

ITIL (= IT Infrastructure Library) is known for its international and field-tested standard procedures. The guidelines define all processes that are necessary in a modern IT-Infrastructure. ITIL stands for customer related added value, efficiency and quality awareness and helps you to optimise Business Processes from an IT department's point of view.

Wotan 7 flip book

In the following flip book you will find an overview about all new features of Wotan 7 and information about our Monitoring Dashboards. To read the German version visit our German website. Start reading right now, or download the pdf file.

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