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  • ...prevents problems before customers or employees even notice,
  • ...increases user satisfaction by continuously monitoring your Business Processes,
  • ...provides reports to prove your IT's performance,
  • ...improves troubleshooting with various analysing tools,
  • ...creates an automatic, comprehensive and up-to-date documentation.

Did you know, that...

  • 50 % of all IT problems are noticed by (bothered) customers;
  • 6 % of all IT problems are noticed by the Management;
  • 67 % of all performance problems are noticed by customers and users;
  • 30 % of all performance problems can not be localized and analyzed in detail;
  • Every third company needs a whole day just to analyze a problem, apart
    from solving it;
  • Passive behaviour results in helpdesk calls, complaints and slows down the whole company;
  • Only 30 % of all surveyed companies have predefined processes to fix problems;
  • 25-50 % of time is needed so solve application and infrastructure performance problems;
  • Reactive behaviour often leads to more disastrous situations and failures;
  • The cost for a one hour-long system failure or downtime of a critical business process in a company with about 200 employees (50.-/h), are estimated at around 10.000.- (production losses and loss of trust not included).

All Benefits for your company

  • Corporation-wide (also including sites abroad) realtime overview about the status of IT-Services and Business Processes.
  • Individual views and features for help-desk staff, IT-Engineers and the management board.
  • WOTAN MONITORING provides a permanent quality management for your IT-Infrastructure.
  • IT-Engineers can concentrate on their real and more exciting tasks like extensions, upgrades, improvements and maintenance, instead of losing time on manual system control and problem solving.
  • WOTAN MONITORING provides automatically generated Performance Reports  of your whole network and its servers. Charts show performance and capacity shortages and offer a solid basis for future investments.
  • WOTAN's SLA Reports (Service Level Agreement Reports) guarantee a detailed proof of availability and performance (past and current situation).
  • Our ITIL conform Wotan Escalation Management Server is not only easy to configure but also able to run stand-alone.
  • One of our customers describes the great number of our Checks for SAP with the following words: "With Wotan SAP Monitoring we daily save one hour work checking our systems". I.e.: 250h a year à € 50,- we save around € 12.500.-, . The WOTAN investment is profitable within the first year.
  • WOTAN offers plenty of compatible AddOns (WotanWiki, OTRS Helpdesk, OCS Inventory, …), is fast and easy to install and ready for all kind of extensions.
  • You need additional arguments for your decision? Don't hesitate to contact our WOTAN MONITORING experts. With our more than 15-year's experience in the implementation of Monitoring Systems in companies of all fields and size we guarantee you a successful launch of WOTAN.

Benefits for your IT

  • Higher user satisfaction (Problems are solved before anyone takes notice).
  • Fast and easy implementation in existing networks (one day for 100 servers).
  • No program installation required, 100 % access via your favourite browser.
  • Individual views for individual users (IT-Manager, help-desk staff, Foyer Monitor, management …).
  • Monitoring of different devices and operating systems.
  • Permanent Monitoring and Documentation of all your Business Processes and IT components.
  • Multilevel Alerting and Escalation System.
  • Several Alerting media: SMS, Email, Voicecall, ….
  • Recommended/predefined thresholds based on over 15 years of experience in Monitoring.
  • Proven higher availability.
  • Sending SMS via Web-Browser.
  • Continuous maintenance and extensions of existing checks and modules.
  • Many suggestions for extensions or new checks are implemented FOR FREE.
  • Easy and detailed Reporting  to the Management.
  • Flexible system adaptation for changing requirements.
  • High-quality and automated Documentation including individual extensions.

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