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Easy to handle and adaptable to your individual needs

IT environments becoming larger, more important and more complex almost every day. Therefore, monitoring from a user's point of view is absolutely necessary. We recommend to use a top-down strategy:

  • Map your Main Business Processes as easy as possible and always keep an eye on their practicability e.g. online orders, ticket workflow.
  • Assign every task or sub-process all needed IT-Services and IT-Components.
  • Connect those IT-Services, tasks and sub-processes among each other.
  • Create individual sub-processes for your complex Business Processes and connect them to your Main Business Processes.

More than the sum of its parts

Besides the configuration of single check routines, WOTAN MONITORING provides the possibility to connect your IT-Services to each other. This feature allows the following logical connections:

  • AND: A process or a task is ok if all subcomponents are ok;
  • OR: At least one subtask or process must be ok;
  • OUT OF: The main process is only displayed as "ok" if a defined number of resources or sub processes are available.

These features are especially important for your escalation management. If a broken IT Service influences an important business process, because no backup is available the incident should be handled with a higher priority than a problem in a redundant environment.

Furthermore, the health of a business process is not only interesting for the IT department, but also for the management or the service desk. Nevertheless, they probably do not require more detailed information. This can easily be provided by combining the WOTAN's business processes with WOTAN Dashboards and special user roles.

Proof of Quality of Service (QoS)

Focusing on the user's point of view, does also mean to measure and prove the provided performance. Since the required data is often insufficient or does simply not exist for this purpose, it could be quite difficult for IT-Departments to prove the QoS (Quality of Service). Have a look at WOTAN SLA Reports if you are interested in creating availability reports automatically and within minutes.

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