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Critical infrastructure

Monitoring and documentation focus on the same critical aspects in a company's IT

Based on the configuration of WOTAN MONITORING and the corresponding ESCALATION MANAGEMENT a high-quality and up-to-date documentation can be created any-time and automatically. In other words: Configuring WOTAN MONITORING means creating a documentation of your critical infrastructure at the same time.

The WOTAN MONITORING configuration contains very important and up-to-date information about your system:

  • All important devices, that are working right now (or should be working);
  • General information like Hostname, IP Address, Dependencies and Location;
  • Important services and processes running on a device;
  • Thresholds are documenting the desired/normal state as well as problem states;
  • More detailed settings (e.g.: URLs, Ports, Usernames, OIDs,...) may be provided for particular checks;

Technical details are necessary for any documentation, but responsibilities and contacts in the case of incidents are just as important. Based on the WOTAN ESCALATION MANAGEMENT these data can be provided automatically as well:

  • Contact person/s for a certain device or service,
  • Contact data (EMail, phone, …),
  • On-call times.

The WOTAN MONITORING Configuration Report has originally been developed in cooperation with one of our customers. In the meantime this extension is an important reason for choosing WOTAN MONITORING.

Therefore this report has been adapted several times and does now include much more features:

  • Graphical representation of your device and service configuration,
  • Corporate Identity,
  • Generating reports of historical configurations,
  • Possibility to embed reports in Wotan Wiki and Wotan emergency manual,
  • View via Website per Host or per Service,
  • Possibility to limit a report to a group of Hosts,
  • Automatic report generation with a scheduler,
  • Exporting reports to pdf files.

Especially in the field of controlling, security audits and accounting we gained lots of positive feedback for the WOTAN MONITORING Configuration Report.

Your documentation is always up-to-date

The most important advantage of this kind of documentation is the automatic synchronisation with the configuration.

  • New devices/services are automatically included in the documentation;
  • Devices/Services that are no longer in use will be removed from the current documentation automatically;
  • Historical configuration can be accessed at any time;
  • Updating the configuration automatically updates the documentation;
  • Responsibilities and Contact data are always up-to-date because an outdated configuration has real life impacts e.g.:
    • Receiving EMails/SMS about incidents the recipient is not responsible for;
    • Receiving EMails/SMS if not on-call.

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