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Due to fast internet connections, powerful browsers and web standards more and more applications have been moved to the Web. If your Web-Services run at your own servers it is possible to monitor them with conventional Monitoring Tools. But even in this scenario monitoring from a user's point of view brings several advantages. If your Web-Services are provided by third parties continuously monitoring these applications is even more important.

Because of increasing standards for web technologies (HTML5, W3C) they are much easier to monitor compared to native Desktop Applications. The Open Source Webtest Frameworks Canoo and Selenium allows you to monitor all your Web-Applications from a user's point of view.

Procedure of a Web Test

First of all the necessary steps are recorded with a Browser Plugin and an executable test case will be generated. Depending on the complexity of the monitored applications it may be necessary to manually adapt the test case. If you do not have a lot of experience with Websites, we are pleased to help you with all your concerns during a workshop.

The created test case can be added like any other Check. Besides basic functions you can also define thresholds, response- and throughput times. All measured results can be presented as a report at any time.

Example of a Web-Test

A typical example of a Web-Test is checking an order process of a Web Shop

  • Loading Website;
  • Login with User and Password;
  • Search for a product;
  • Select the position;
  • Select the quantity and add to the shopping cart;
  • Click the Order button / Activate the order;
  • Insert order number (freely selectable);
  • Send order;
  • Check the order confirmation.

Desktop Applications

Requirements for your Desktop-Applications are equal as for your Web-Applications. The lack in standardization of Desktop GUIs makes automated testing more time consuming, but not impossible. WOTAN MONITORING experts can support you in checking Desktop Applications as well.

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