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Automated and in real time

Continuous monitoring of your IT systems is the most important step towards breakdown safety, fast response times and increasing customer satisfaction. But solving problems can still be quite difficult, if only symptoms can be identified but not the underlying problem itself. In some cases problems occur and disappear on a regular basis without clear reasons. Often a glimpse at past developments reveals the real reasons of problems. The WOTAN MONITORING performance reports are making this possible at any time.

An Example

A typical case are repeating complaints about long response times of a certain Service. But even detailed investigations do not reveal any problems. Having a look at historical data, provided by WOTAN MONITORING performance reports reveals that the CPU load of an important server is hardly used most of the day but daily between 08:30am and 09:00am the capacity is always 100%. Based on this information further investigations are much easier for your IT Admins.


These reports are available for plenty of checks and do not require any further configuration. Multiple views, charts, individual time ranges and customizing tools are making these reports to powerful aids in your daily work, from the first day on.

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