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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service-Level-Agreements (abbreviated as SLAs) became well known by the IT-Infrastructure-Library (ITIL) and are agreements between a customer and a service provider on specific services.

An example of a simple SLA within the IT-Sector could be the following:

  • On workdays (Monday - Friday) from 07:00am to 07:00pm
  • the supervised network
  • must be available at least 99,5% during a month and
  • must be available at least 99,8 % during a year.

Because of lack of data a manual proof of service is hardly possible. However the combination of WOTAN MONITORING and the WOTAN MONITORING Reporting Tools make this proof possible at any time and within seconds.

The collected monitoring data is the perfect dataset for creating SLA reports. Just select your services, your target values and your time periods and you are done. All Reports will be created and delivered to you automatically.

WOTAN MONITORING comes with a set of common requested reports, but if you have special demands or already a company reporting solution our experts are pleased to provide individual reports or interfaces to existing reporting tools as well.

The WOTAN MONITORING Business Processes and SLAs are perfect for taking the next step towards higher customer satisfaction, more reliable IT-Services and provable IT-Performance.

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