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Wotan Live Demo System

Here you can discover and familiarise with our newest development WOTAN MONITORING Dashboards.

What tests are executed?

All executed Tests of our Demo Version are fictive, but WOTAN MONITORING Appliance includes all those Checks, and even much more, that can be found in the Demo Version. In the future we want to add more Checks to our Demo System.

Why does the system generates error reports?

For a better understanding of everyday work with WOTAN MONITORING Appliance, Wotan Demo System generates error reports regularly.

Does the system include all Checks?

No! Wotan Demo System shows only a small amount of available Standard Checks for Linux, Windows and Router devices. WOTAN MONITORING Appliance includes up to 600 different Check templates. For further information about Wotan and its features visit Monitoring.

How do I configure Wotan?

Wotan Demo System can not be configured individually. Also features like AlertingReporting and Documentation are not available at our Demo System. To get further information about these topics watch our Video Tutorials.

It is worth passing by again!

Regularly we extend our Demo System with additional Checks and Features.

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