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WOTAN Version 9.5 Release

NEW: Host & Service Template Management

Host and service templates can now be managed equal to regular hosts and services. Templates are integrated into the normal management views and can be used with all available tools for hosts and services.

This is new:

  • Host and service templates support escalations now.
  • Dependency support for service templates.
  • Bulk changes for templates and for hosts/services and templates in one action.
  • Host and service templates can be organised in new and existing host- and servicegroups.

Improvement: Business Intelligence Monitoring

We have great plans for our Business Intelligence Monitoring plugin and with WOTAN 9.5 we have established a solid basis for further developments. The following new features are now available:

Status Mapping

So far administrators had few impact on the state of the calculated business process. It was always used the worst state. Now it's possible to control the calculated state. A typical use case is to ignore "WARNING" status of services or business process members in calculating the state. You can simply map "WARNING" to "OK".

New operator:  Out of range

It's now easier to model redundant systems. E.g.: If you have 10 redundant terminal servers for load balancing you can now simply define that

  • more than 8 "OK" terminal servers meaning the business process is "OK",
  • between 5 and 7 "OK" terminal servers the process is "WARNING",
  • and if less than 5 terminal servers are "OK" the process is "CRITICAL"

Copy a business process config item to another host

If you group multiple services of a host to a business process you can simply create a new business process with another host that contains the same services.

Dashboard Plugin supports selecting business processes

You can now select business processes of all levels to be displayed on the dashboard widget.

NEW: Network Port Monitoring for Non-admins

The Port Monitoring view introduced in version WOTAN 9 has become quite popular among our users. Therefore, it's now also available for Non-Administrators without the management features.


NEW: Troubleshooting by custom data views

Improved troubleshooting by displaying data from third-party systems. You can now include data from various sources directly in the WOTAN views:

  • Query various databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle) and analyse data directly in WOTAN
  • Custom Checks output can be visualised in grids

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NEW: WOTAN Cloud Services

Monitoring your public services from the internet was never easier. Configuration and alerting can still be done directly with your local WOTAN appliance. Only one more setting and your services are monitored not only from inside your network but also from our WOTAN Cloud Services.

Interested? Just contact us.

NEW: Downtime Management

Recurring downtimes with predictable timeperiods have already been introduced in WOTAN Release 9. An even more flexible way to manage your downtimes is now available.

It's now possible to define duration, description, hosts, services, hostgroups and servicegroups for future downtimes and save the settings as an individual or shared template. 

It's not scheduled automatically like the already known recurring downtimes, but can be reused and adopted whenever it's needed. You can also use your templates for deleting already scheduled downtimes.


NEW: Monitoring Configuration API

Version 1 of our configuration API is now published. The REST API allows the full configuration of monitoring items. The complete OpenAPI specification can be found on your local WOTAN appliance with the URL:

https://<IP WOTAN SERVER>/wotan/services/api/v1/wotan-monitor-config/index.html


Do you have question? Please contact us.

INFO: OTRS 5 End of Support

Do you still use OTRS 5 or an older version? Please contact us for upgrading to the current OTRS Version. No updates will be provided for OTRS 5 anymore.

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NEW: New Check templates and other changes

Detailed information about changes and new check templates are described on our download portal. See the cangelog