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Due to current topics about IT-Security, NSA affairs and several hacker attacks, basic risks for the IT-Infrastructure are becoming more and more unconsidered. Although virtualization and outsourcing are increasing recently, there still exist plenty of critical physical risks for your hardware. No firewall, security policy or anti-virus protection is able to protect your devices from fire, water, or excess voltage.

The WOTAN MONITORING Appliance is checking

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Smoke detection,
  • Water leakages,
  • ….

in all your critical locations.

Every IP-enabled sensor can be connected to WOTAN MONITORING. In the following gallery you can find an extract of already implemented and supported sensors.


The worldwide carbon dioxide emissions output of the IT-Infrastructure is already comparable with the amount of carbon dioxide emissions of the international aviation sector. Because of the permanently increasing energy prices, energy saving becomes increasingly important for data centres.

The energy costs of the IT-Sector play an important role in the context of operational costs. They already can reach up to 50 % of all operational costs. Therefore the reduction of energy consumption in IT-Infrastructure becomes increasingly important.

An essential part of energy is needed for cooling server rooms. However with little effort it is possible to take certain measures to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and the energy costs at the same time.

With WOTAN Energy MONITORING you will be alerted if energy consumption is extremely high and you have solid data to increase your energy efficiency. WOTAN Energy MONITORING helps you to save energy and costs at the same time!

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