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Network Devices, Services & Performance

Even state-of-the-art and fast Desktop Computers are almost useless if servers or Cloud-Services are slow or even not available.

Monitoring your network components allows to detect problems as early as possible. Prepared and widely used checks exist for different devices, manufacturers and types. E.g

  • Router,
  • Switches,
  • Firewalls,
  • DHCP Server,
  • DNS Server,
  • NTP Services.

Our experts are extending this database continuously by developing/configuring new templates in cooperation with our customers and partners. Also individual checks are supported and can be integrated easily.

Hardware & System Checks

Servers are the heart of every IT-Environment. It is necessary to guarantee the availability of your servers and to ensure that your servers are capable of every-day's requirements. It doesn't matter if you use

  • MS-Windows,
  • Unix,
  • Linux,
  • or Host Systems (OS390, BS2000, iSeries, SUN),

WOTAN MONITORING comes with checks for a range of Operating Systems.

Shortages and Peak Loads

With our integrated Reporting Tools you will detect hardware demands and shortages long before users recognize any problems. Gathered information can be presented in different views providing chronological trends about your resource consumption. These tables and charts are supporting your investment decisions and are helping to run your existing resources much more efficient.

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